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Healthiest Employer, W Pa Designation

Are you living your mission? If you’re in the wellness center management business, and not extending those services to your employees, are you really in the wellness business? One of our clients, Cameron Wellness Center, recently was named one of the Pittsburgh Business Times’ 2013 Healthiest Employers of Western Pennsylvania and the category winner for companies with 100-499 employees. The employee wellness program we designed, ACE, has been refined over many years, but has always included core components such as a complimentary membership, discounts on wellness services and incentives to complete the program.

This award is quite an achievement for our company, as it fit hand-in-glove with our customer philosophy: be happy, be fit and live well. During the last few years, we incorporated a Know Your Numbers campaign for biometrics that emphasized a primary care physician visit and an annual walking challenge. We started with manual tracking for points and activities, but recently added an online platform through UPMC MyHealth, the group’s healthcare provider. Working with UPMC, we offered the best of our existing ACE program combined with online tools and tracking.

By modeling for employees what is offered through the Center, we encourage our employees to take an integrated, holistic approach to their health. They can take advantage of all the tools on site to help them meet their personal goals. The benefits of membership include a complimentary lifestyle consultation with an exercise physiologist and a personal training session, exercise equipment group orientations and a nutritional consultation with a registered dietitian. Memberships are complimentary to full-time staff, and at a significant discount to part-time employees.

In this marketplace, a complimentary membership also has been an incredibly useful tool in recruiting hard-to-fill positions. It also becomes a successful cross-referral tool as team members from various departments become acquainted with the core services of the Wellness Center.