Success Starts at the First Step

MedFit offers the service, expertise and knowledge required to bring a medically-based wellness center to life. If your desired end result is a successful wellness center that offers more than just workout equipment and fitness classes, choose MedFit to help you reach that goal. We plan new development as well as improve results for under-performing wellness facilities, spas, health clubs, rec centers and more.

1. Feasibility

Identify your market

The success of any wellness center depends on identifying a viable market that can sustain growth and profitability over time. We work with you to understand and define your needs and goals as well as your business. Then we closely study your market, paying special attention to identifying your prime consumer groups and what their wants and needs are in a wellness center.

The Steps We Take

  • Local Market Area Review
  • Demographics & Penetration based on statistical model and Mosaic consumer segments
  • Competition Review
  • Membership Forecasts including five-year population trends
  • Financial Analysis
  • Preliminary Design Concept

2. Consumer Research

Know your customer

The role of consumer research is to identify the best customers for your business and talk to them. We learn more about how the consumer reacts to products in a test category, and often what other services we can offer them in the future.

We do this through qualitative research — one-on-one interviews with potential customers — and quantitative research that may include focus groups, surveys and segment analysis. For example, we also have access to an extensive database of primary customer characteristics culled from numerous wellness centers throughout the industry.

The Steps We Take

  • Identify key characteristics and or households
  • Develop a survey tool for key factors including price, features, interest in concept
  • Evaluate or adjust prior statistical membership forecast
  • Conduct telephone surveys or focus groups

3. Business Plan

Plan for success

Your comprehensive business plan includes:

  • Overall project assessment
  • Forecasting of membership & revenue growth
  • Site selection
  • Projected financing required to build, equip and maintain your project
  • Project construction
  • Marketing plan

The Steps We Take

  • Confirm membership forecasts for new financial forecasts
  • Preliminary Design
  • Development Cost Estimates
  • Financing/Ownership
  • Operation Plan
  • Preliminary Marketing/Sales Plan
  • Plan Preparation

4. Site Selection

Choose the right location

It’s not enough to build a wellness center, it has to be located within a critical distance from your market. Potential customers are looking for a wellness center that’s conveniently located. With any new business and especially with wellness centers, it’s critical to build awareness and trial. But there are often other factors that impact site selection, which need to be carefully analyzed before the purchase decision.

The Steps We Take

  • Establish land and location criteria
  • Work with local brokers and developers to identify sites
  • Rank sites, environmental and cost issues
  • Evaluate purchase/lease offers and make recommendations

5. Design and Construction

Implement your plan

Typically, we work with architects and engineers during this lengthy period to maintain the integrity of the business plan, analyze the value engineering proposals and review the systems and equipment prior to purchase and installation.

The Steps We Take

  • Review Design Development Plan
  • Evaluate Building Systems
  • Review Construction Budget, Construction Progress & Schedule
  • Develop Equipment plan and budget
  • Determine additional landscaping and building needs

6. Start-up Operations

Develop key people and systems

People and systems are the primary ingredients of successful start-ups and that’s what we provide. Hiring the right ones, managing and training them to perform required tasks all while handling a myriad amount of customer service issues as people begin utilizing the center. Starting the sales and communications strategy early is also critical to building the financial strength to carry the operations forward.

The Steps We Take

  • Create and implement pre-opening plan
  • Recruit key staff
  • Create staffing plan including benefits, policies, recruitment and training standards
  • Establish administrative protocols
  • Develop programs for member assessment and outcomes measurement

7. Pre-opening Sales

Introduce your brand to your market

The art of the sales campaign and its communications strategy begins very early. Branding and positioning are crucial in carrying forward the vision of the business and achieving its early goals. A dedicated sales staff, trained and managed can achieve results well above business plan goals and necessary given changes in the design and construction phase.

The Steps We Take

  • Sales Strategy and Promotions
  • Pricing
  • Database Marketing/Advertising
  • Campaign/Media Review
  • Integration with Hospital
  • Communications
  • Customer Service Training

8. Operations and Marketing

Maintain quality and image

Similar to all businesses, there is a life curve, and our success is understanding those points of change and creating plans and budget to adjust appropriately. It could be a specific focus — adding new age or condition-based programs. Or opportunities — spa services, employee wellness, or whatever the business requires. Marketing, communications and branding are the umbrella that unifies everything for the consumer in terms of freshness and appeal.

The Steps We Take

  • Monitor operating systems
  • Control expenses
  • Develop sales and revenue promotions
  • Monitor monthly operational reports
  • Provide ongoing staff training program and incentives
  • Identify cross-marketing opportunities for existing hospital programs and services