Helping Your Wellness Center
Achieve its Fullest Potential

We offer a full range of operations management and consulting services for new or existing wellness centers. Our goal is to help your wellness center and the programs and services you offer achieve their fullest potential from building and maintaining membership sales and retention, and developing and growing ancillary sales, to hiring and maintaining a well-trained, professional staff focused on delivering the programs and services that members want and actively participate in.

1. Fiscal Management

  • Develop long-term strategic plan and set short-term objectives with budget preparation each year
  • Prepare annual budget book
  • Design measurement systems that evaluate return on investment

2. Staff and Human Resource Management and Development

  • Create staffing models, job descriptions and compensation plans for each area of the business
  • Design measurement and reward systems and conduct annual performance reviews
  • Develop management training programs
  • Develop appropriate and supportive employee benefit programs with educational and certification assistance
  • Manage employee benefits program and promote internal employee wellness program
  • Update Emergency Plans/Protocols
  • Deliver policy/procedure manuals for all departments
  • Showcase staff success stories

3. Facility Maintenance

  • Sustain a clean, modern, well-maintained green environment
  • Highlight new equipment and technologies
  • Maintain professional exercise equipment
  • Develop interior signage system

4. Membership Growth and Sustainability

  • Increase current membership by adding new age segments
  • Establish realistic annual and monthly goals
  • Determine annual and monthly cancellation rates and develop programs to retain members
  • Increase ancillary sales among members and general public
  • Attract new members through outreach efforts
  • Review pricing and sales forecasts
  • Develop member referral rewards program and other incentives
  • Monitor pricing impact (cost vs. immediate return & long term)

5. Clinical Integration & Wellness Programs

Design and deliver programs for:

  • Chronic-disease management, diabetes control, weight loss and smoking cessation
  • Rehabilitation for post-operative and hospital patients
  • Sports conditioning for athletes and training programs for local team sports organizations
  • Lifestyle classes tied to health insurance provider programs
  • Partnerships with other community organizations

6. Community Image

Community image

  • Promote member success stories
  • Establish and maintain image of a Medical Fitness Leader in the region
  • Leverage public relations messages to community, local business, government and educational segments
  • Develop friend and neighbor reputation in community
  • Communicate marketing messages in critical media
  • Offer health initiatives to address community’s health concerns
  • Raise awareness of facility and its offerings by having members of staff
  • Speak to various community organizations on top-of-mind heath and fitness topics
  • Become local source/expert for current health issues

7. Facility and Business Assessment

Our structured, analytical approach to improving performance provides an objective snapshot of the current environment vs the goals of the organization. The steps we take:

  • Your mission and goals: We begin with an understanding of and definition of your mission, business plan, goals and values.
  • Gathering Data: Includes interviews with key personnel, as well as analysis of your organizational structure, the competitive environment and operational processes including financials, sales and retention. Our onsite work also includes an evaluation of any facility issues and real estate solutions.
  • Analyzing the Results: Part of our goal is to identify specific areas for improvement while also discovering possible areas for cost reduction. Our evaluation of the project’s effectiveness relates to the business goals and industry comparables.
  • Recommended solutions and implementation plans: Our review of the current situation and its impact on the organization includes a communications plan for all stakeholders. We offer short- and long-term solutions that can be implemented to improve effectiveness while lowering risk.